why do i need a blog for my business website, what are the reasons

Why do I need a blog for my business website?

You might be wondering whether you need a blog on your business website.

You wouldn’t be alone; after all you probably don’t tend to check out the blog pages of websites you visit, do you?

Surely it’s just an unnecessary expense?

In short, the answer to that question is no.

A regular, relevant blog for your business website is actually something you should put in the ‘must have’ pile. Don’t just take our word for it though.

Here are the top six reasons that your business website needs a blog.

1) It gives your brand the human touch

Sharing the things you care about allows your customer to get a feel for the real ‘you’, which is great for small business and big corporations alike. 60% of people said they felt ‘positive’ about businesses after reading their corporate blog.

2) It makes you look good

Depending on what you write about, a blog can also make you appear more approachable and friendly, or more knowledgeable in your field than your non-blogging competitors.

3) It opens the door for a future relationship

82% of people said they enjoy reading company blog posts; that’s a huge number of people who might potentially join your mailing list for more of the same.

why do i need a business blog

4) It gets you customers

There’s no doubt about it; 57% of companies with a blog claim that they have acquired a customer directly from their business blog.

5) You’ll have content to share on social media

The power of social media cannot be underestimated. Over 60% of adults in the UK are on Facebook, and sharing regular, engaging content will draw followers to your site. Write content that people can share easily and others will do your marketing for you.

6) Search Engine Optimisation

If there is one reason that your business website needs a blog, then SEO is it!

In simple terms, if you don’t keep your website updated with new, fresh content that is optimised for Google then your website won’t be considered as relevant. In turn your Google ranking won’t increase or may fall, which means less organic traffic and fewer sales.

The more frequently and consistently you update your blog, the more chance you have of pleasing Google and seeing increasing traffic to your business website.

Blog posts with good SEO can also bring you web traffic for a whole range of new keywords including high converting long-tail search queries. Sites with a blog have on average over 4 times as many pages indexed by Google than sites without and each one of those pages has the potential to attract a new customer; if your website does not have a blog, you are missing out on loads of potential traffic.

By providing useful information in your blog posts, you’re also giving others an incentive to link to your site. Business websites that have a blog have 97% more inbound links than companies that don’t. As well as potentially bringing you traffic and customers, those links are the life blood of your site’s Google ranking.

Blogging for your business website

But I don’t have time to write a regular blog for my business website!

We get it, honestly!

Not everyone has the time or the expertise to write a blog; you’re busy running a business.

Well, that’s where Bubble Content can help.

We can provide you with unique, engaging content written by our native UK writers to your specification, optimised for Google with your chosen key words. We can even upload to your website, meaning you don’t have to do anything but press publish, and reap the benefits.

Whether you would like to publish one blog a month, or one every day, we’re happy to talk to you about what we can do for you. Email us hello@bubblecontentagency.co.uk for an informal chat.






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